About Smexy Legs Boutique

Wow, I have finally done it! For years I have wanted to own my own business, and never thought it would happen. Let me tell you my story.

I always wanted work that didn’t take me away from my kids, and gave me flexibility to go see them at school activities like plays, cross country and sporting carnivals. So when my second child was about 2 years old, I tried selling a weightloss program. And while it was going good for a little bit, it was taking alot of time to advertise it and explain it to customers. Then when I when I was further along in my third pregnancy, it just got a little bit to much. I found I really didn’t have the time to continue being on Facebook trying to advertise all day.

Then a few other things changed in my life and then nearly 2 years later I have a new partner and and 3 step children, and giving birth to my 4th child. Life was all over the place and hectic.

Then I thought I would get back into trying my hand at making a business again. So I joined up with a makeup and skin care product company. While I enjoyed parts of that industry, I found it wasn’t for me.

Then 1 day I was sitting on the Couch wearing my plain black tights I had bought at the local shops, searching the party plan groups on Facebook and I see someone advertising for People to join a leggings company under them as an affiliate. And I thought to myself, I like leggings, why not give it a go.

So I spoke to my partner and he was supportive, and I joined up. I placed my first order 2016, and got my first order in. When they arrived I fell in love with their feel. I had never ever felt legging so soft before, but I was still a black leggings girl, thinking to my self, these are for anyone but me. Then I got the guts to try on the one I liked out of my order. Wow I was in love.

While it was slow at first, the comments started coming in from my few customers about how beautiful these were to wear. And business began to grow slowly.

Then one day my partner and I decided to see if we can cut out the affiliate company we were with and buy direct from suppliers and manufacturers. And now we are in 2019 with more customers than we can count, and posting everywhere in Australia and have even sent to customers as far as Europe.

As well as selling our ever popular leggings, that people wear to gyms and training and everyday wear. We also sell hooded blankets that are warm and super light, plus active wear items and we are looking into more shirts and other items further down the track.

So that’s my story, if you still want to know who I am, I am just a mum, trying to make a life for her kids, who is based in QLD and absolutely loves leggings.